Teesta Review is published in May and November …. Deadline: For May Issue - 30th April & For November Issue – 30th September …. Submission is opened for the forthcoming Issue

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The equivalence between the flow of rivers and verse is almost as old as rivers themselves. Our ambition in creating Teesta is to offer the equivalent of a river bank to voices, both poets and readers, participants and observers who have chosen to live in the poetic. Heraclitus’s oft-quoted axiom, ‘You cannot step into the same river twice’, is how we think of the poetic – of everydayness, its repetition and difference. Just as a river doesn’t reject anything that enters its flow, Teesta, our literary magazine, is open to all kinds of interpretations of the poetic.

The Teesta is a river that runs from Sikkim through north Bengal and Bangladesh. The Torsha is its companion river in the Dooars. In a section that we’ve called the Torsha, we will have the themed segment of our current issue.  Angrabhasha, a stream of North Bengal, takes its name from its place and flows through Tikianpur forest plantation in Jalpaiguri. Its name includes "bhasha" which means language; as though it tries to communicate things in its own language as it whispers past the expanse of green forest and fallen leaves. In this section we shall host translations of poems from vernacular languages (bhasha) into English.

It’d be tautological to say that a river belongs to everyone. So the Teesta is yours as much as it is ours.

Teesta Review is a biannual Journal. It is published in May and November. The journal accepts poetry, articles, photos and translations twice a year through e-mail submissions. The dates of acceptance and the theme for the issues will be declared from time to time.

Let us flow like the river.