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Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry 

Call for submissions: Volume 5, Number 1 (May 2022)

Guest Editor: U Atreya Sarma

  (Chief Editor, Muse India

Theme:  Animal Poetics

Life comprises not only humans but also flora and fauna. All of us are links in the same web of creation on this beautiful earth. Yet, over the years, man––wantonly oblivious of his identity as one in the animal kingdom––has turned savagely rapacious and been sadistically slaughtering the animals not so much for his food but for a devilish hunting pleasure or for the booty out of its body and organs. He has been razing down the hills and killing the water bodies for commercial or residential complexes. Along with the hills and the water bodies, their inhabitant flora and fauna too are getting destroyed. The role, especially, of women as nurturers renders them vulnerable to the consequences of ecological destruction.

The population of the animals has been declining fast and many of them have become endangered, vulnerable or extinct, be it the poor rhinoceros or the ‘common’ crow. In the current year 2022 well before February came to a close, as many as 27 tigers had perished mostly due to poaching, in our country India. A number of animal welfare organisations are operating but the task is much too mammoth. Unless we introspect and gird up our loins for the course correction at least at this stage, the future will be one of doom, and finally it will sound the death knell even for the Homo sapiens sapiens. And it will be too late for any U-turn. So, let’s halt ourselves dead in our tracks and learn to be symbiotic and enjoy euphonic music from the verdantly vibrant strings of Mother Nature. 

Towards this end, so as to re-educate ourselves, we invite poems, articles, short stories, book reviews, artwork, as well as interviews with leading animal lovers. Translations from Indian languages are also welcome. 

Submissions should be e-mailed to Guest Editor U Atreya Sarma at with cc to

Works of literature should be attached to the email as a .doc, .docx . We will not consider submissions that are not within these file format. We suggest that submissions be formatted with 12 pt. Times New Roman type, APA. Please add a cover letter into the body of the email with  your first and last name, email address, and the title of your work(s). 

Art Gallery

·       Paintings, photographs, sketches related to the theme


All submissions should be accompanied by a brief bio note (30 words) and high-resolution photo . All work in a Word file must be electronically submitted to our  Guest Editor U Atreya Sarma at cc to with "Submission: Genre: Name, Title" in the subject line (for example, "Submission: Poetry :Jane Smith"). No fees required. Simultaneous submissions to other journals are permitted, as long as you notify us promptly if your poetry/paper /art is accepted elsewhere.

Deadline : 10 th April 2022

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We’re excited to see what you have for us.

Let us flow like the river.


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