Poem-13 (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094


Null and Void

--- Sujata Parashar

Mind, a clutter

of words and emotions

jostling for space

'Siamese twins'

One can't do without the other

Recognising their difference

is awareness


Mind, an ocean

of lessons and learning

disguised as obstacles

at each stage of life

Clearing them

is living


Mind, a vortex

where great sleeping ideas

move in circular motion

only awakened by man's compassion, curiosity and imagination;

and the need to make sense of chaos.


Mind, where thoughts

feelings, ideas and learning are birthed

and also; the space where they become null and void

Silence prevails




Sujata Parashar

Novelist, Short - Story Writer and Poet

Founder, The Talk -it -Out -Express (TiOE)

Vice President, WICCI Delhi Arts Leadership Council

Member, Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT)



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