Poem-17 (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094


 An untitled poem by Dr Sigma Satish





I launched my thoughts,


into a sea of frustration. 


It swirled


in the fabric of life.


and consumed me slowly.


I fell into the 


endless darkness.


I froze over,


but stood still, 


in the crowded spaces,


like a fish without water.


And then,


I battled again to form words and verses.


Tears began to stream down my cheeks.


I had been supressed my emotions,


just to enter, 


another ordinary day







Nobody is certain, why,


there is an immense quietness sometimes


and immense anguish on the other side...


Nothing has never been planned


Life goes on


across the infinite blank sky.  



Dr Sigma Satish is a poet and academic based in Trivandrum. She has authored many books. Her poems have appeared in magazines, journals and in many anthologies. Awards and honours include the Mirabhai Literary Award 2016, a recipient of the Cochin Lit Fest Prize 2019 and received Bharat Sevak Samaj Honor 2023.