Poem-18 (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094


--- Somolekha

Even though the coldness touched my feet

Each time the waves came and went,

I did not move away from the damp sand

There was this healing happening,

That I chose not to walk out on

Sat and pondered on the wasted night

What was that motivational speaker saying

That day, just can’t remember, umm!

I guess all the wisdom gets tossed over

When you need them the most

Why am I scratching an old wound in the knee?

The worst part, whenever I get emotional

I ask myself am I getting periods anytime soon!

As if it’s an excess, as if crying isn’t for me

As if I am a luggage, with no claim rights

Alcohol stench all over my trench coat

Messed hair, sad eyes, nail polish chipped

I guess my hand, buried in sand, was looking

For another hand from underneath the sand-earth-depth

To hold back, to fill the void…




Grey of void:

--- Somolekha 

A grey...poignant end, or is it a prelude

Why is the colour so much like a premonition,

Coz it's ash, clouds, smoke;

It always was different with you!

Grey was your favourite

Your eyes, your cat, your coat, your pumps;

You made grey my favourite too

Till that night, when the grey owl screeched

And I reached home unannounced

Who was that stranger, darlin'…

Under the grey sheets on our bed

And why did he have to be the grey of the impending void?!




Somolekha, the poet with a purpose, believes in drinking life to the lees. Somolekha started professional writing with an education magazine "Shiksha Darpan" and various newspapers.

She has been closely associated with the world of advertising (currently COO of Azure) and has contributed to several ad film scripts and publicity materials.

Apart from being a writer, she paints, acts, teaches (guest faculty at Bhawanipur College), travels, and juggles words! Her books, Tittle Tales from La La Land, Conundrum, Zilch, Distant Brontide and Oud & Amber were her efforts to introduce the intense visions in her mindscape to the world.