Poem -2 (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094


--- Antara Mukherjee

Memories peck at me like vultures.

Through the creaks and groans of the mind,

happiness settles down

in miniscule.

Ironing out the creases of grief,

I prepare a smooth batter

of strength.

Wounds, like termites, receive

acidic treatment.

Unblemished Past 

sits comfortably with the Present.

The etiquettes of depression recede.




--- Antara Mukherjee


Hot, guilty moments

of dangerous pleasure



I throw away my future –

crumpled, old newspaper –



Bits of hope, emotion-smelt,

scatter on the floor,

tinctured with dried leaves

of Autumn.


A twinge of guilt floods in.

Ridicule builds nest.


In the littered street

of dark desires, a fetid world




An Editor of 3 books and a Member of Review Boards of International Journals, Dr. Antara Mukherjee is a part of West Bengal Educational Service, Govt of West Bengal. She is presently teaching at the Dept. of English, Durgapur Govt College, WB. After several National and International publications and presentations in the last two decades, she is currently engaged in exploring Heritages in WB along with pursuing the creative aspects of her being. She loves to travel, observe, listen to the sounds of winds and rain to medicate herself. A bilingual poet and short story writer, her works have appeared in Setu, The Gray Sparrow Journal, Kitaab, Boderless Journal, The Chakkar, Bombay Duck, Prayas:Ei Somoy etc.