Poem-3 (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094


--- Gargi Sidana


Void, a phosphorus element/ dew

Drawn under my skin

Ribs blatantly summon the place

Amorphous silence slides through the 

Crevices of my tongue

The brain yells at the open grave in the mind's enclave

Aghast, the vacuum tiptoed towards me; shutting 

All wires/ signals of the extremity

Void, the diabolic arms of mangolia space,

Enclosing gate of in-between

Voices numb the purple breath of outsiders; to ferment gray shadows of humans.

Lungs extract grief; a four-chamber heart quintessentially dives into the memories;

Carbon memories float with monoxide

Gate closed ...... 

Piquant baked walls painted heavily with the longing of loved ones.

Void, a decorum of sorrow/ pain 

Plunged beyond the layers of crust

To find the fruit of tranquility,

To loop in a scintillating oval-shaped form,

To fathom the diversities of the multi universe.

Void, a bifurcation of flesh, bones and soul

Soul dipped in the orange light of Brahma

(A source of sentient existence)

The language of the almighty is coveted in quietness,

Language of tangerine thoughts - slices of emotions.




Gargi Sidana is a voracious reader and skilled writer from India. Her fervent love for writing is commendable. Her poems were chosen in Spill word Press, Red Rose Thorns publication, Hues of Reflection, Mocking owl Roost publication and others. Her writings are available on Instagram.