Poem -5 (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094

 Life Goes On…

--- Hema Ravi


From a landscape desolate, dreary and opaque,

where a terrifying battle was lost,

Sphinxlike beings from the ruins awake

to reclaim the torn threads tossed.

Sparks within refuse to get dimmer

no longer can be suppressed Collective Voice!

Life instincts rouse in shaky glimmer

to reclaim self-rule. Peace is theirs by choice.

Proud faces atop pillars lie flattened to dust,

beside the lake, heaps of broken dreams still lie.

Debris dislodged by a sudden gust

soars skyward above the quiet ones long gone by…

Beneath bareness, lies concealed might

A luminous beam on a snowy night.




Letting Go

--- Hema Ravi


In the sands of time, when ‘Let Go’ raised its hood,

I buried myself deeply in the world of gadgets.

The resultant perks were a sore neck and blurred vision.


Finding a large empty box, I filled it

with anguish, anticipation, desires, fears

and negativities- the overflow nauseated.


Pushing aside pain, I indulged in

compulsive shopping and binge eating

and began expanding. Clothes refused to fit.


I sought advice from a mental health professional,

who prescribed colorful medicines, which left me

more exhausted than energetic.


My empathetic family suggested: ‘Yoga’ –

the all-season remedy. My restless mind

and body refused to remain still.


At daybreak, a chirpy chorus allured me to

break off inertia and take a Spring morning stroll.

An empty nest fell with a loud thud. Eye Opener…



Writer by passion, Hema Ravi has had a brief stint in the Central Government, as a teacher of English and Hindi for over two decades and is currently a freelancer for IELTS and Communicative English. She is a poet, author, reviewer, editor, event organizer, independent researcher, and resource person for language development courses.  Her articles and poems have been published in international print and online journals.