Poem-9 (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094

 Mind your Gap

--- Bhavna Khemlani


mind your gap as we hear

that gap can get you in trouble

the journey within that gap

is the void of time

the void of memory


lies the haunting echo of time’s relentless hammer

each strike a reminder of forgotten footfalls

each blow a puppeteer’s pull on our strings


lost within this void of memory – well of moments

we are but marionettes - dancing to the past’s tune,

revisiting experiences we strive to release

yet they cling to us - shadows of what once was


journeying through this chasm of the self

I find the echo of time’s vast void

a cavernous expanse, a gaping maw

where memories dance, fragmented and destroyed


the gap, a cunning provocateur

a master of triggering the soul’s unrest

yet within its grasp – I

discern the remnants of time - a treasure chest


measured in moments – in breaths – in sighs

I glimpse my insignificance - yet also the power to defy

within this emptiness lies a – choice

a chance to reclaim power with vigor


did I just become a void puppet?

the tea is getting cold

more sandwiches placed on the table

readings are going on

change to a transcendent being of time


emerging as an architect of my own destiny

mourning to moments – so

can relive the new – better ones

dance in the gaps - Reconnect




taking a sip of the cold tea

a bite of the sandwich 

award announced - hearing my name

holding the torch forward – a new rhythm


mind your gap - that gap can get you in trouble

another journey within

is the void of time – memory

Flamingos, durian and the love songs

--- Bhavna Khemlani


combine delicacy with loving evocation of love songs


upon my travels the glorious dance of two lovers

standing proud – bachata announcement


on the beach – cocktails – yum yum

smiling and vibing as the flamingos intertwine


into the shape of a heart – yet the dancing vibe on the

beach with strangers far away from reality


still yearning for the love - the love songs claim


sultry grooves – some connection – you want more

not from the stranger – from your person


then asked, how about some durian cocktail

my mind projects the odd – fragrance


they insist for the special durian drink flavored with cherry –

brandy – rose – ice cream


no ice cream for me – I shall go with the rest

the sound of the rose got to me


how rose could fit so well with durian

bachata on the beach – obsesiĆ³n – beautiful now


when house music is remixed with bachata

you need another durian rose cocktail


slowly those hands around my wait drift away


I remember the promise to myself

even if I am single – live life


like a love song

void poetry – intertwined into a heart


like the flaming flamingos

feels like wit and wisdom

dancing together


only sensations are felt – tasted


delight – direct – quirky quirky

combine delicacy with loving evocation of love songs


I live – kiss the rosy light – sun kissed

all so exquisite


Flamingos, durian and the love songs

Silver Tongue – stimulus

--- Bhavna Khemlani

my muse

smooth tongued communicator

pausing for too long

living up politely for

justice – (tongue for the silenced)

sweet rewards


whole lot of passion

towards moving forward

gently- slowly


not holding back

that void

as addicting it can be

gradual stimulus

silver tongue is back

smooth sails

on a cruise

to crush all that

does not have meaning

making a point

not getting stuck

but sometimes ignoring

unexpected surges

then there is stimulus

before I lose my voice

I am drawn to a

connection – connections

respect relations

flattering diplomacy

works sometimes

hydrating a difficult situation

a project

then the illuminating

authenticity – rises

owning your voice

without being politically

involved – at all

once in a while

the stimulus is

injected by the Universe

we all need our Silver Tongue

Don’t you!





Bhavna Khemlani’s empowering journey entails being a University Lecturer (Educator), Poet, Author, Corporate Trainer, Academic & Creative Writing Coach, Researcher, Reiki Master Teacher, Existential Well-being Counseling, NLP & EQ/Mindfulness Practitioner.  Co-Leader of Bangkok Women Writers Group – BWWG. In the honor of BWWG 20 years celebration, 'Rhythm of Missing Pieces’ Anthology was published in 2021. Research Journal 2020 - The Impact of Reiki Treatments (Hands-on Energetic Healing) and Existential Well-Being Counseling in Reducing Stress and Improving the Well-Being and Quality of Life of Young People. One of her research projects, ‘Transitions in the healthcare systems in times of uncertainty exploring views by experts through Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence published 2018 received an International Award by the World Research Council (Research Ratna Awards 2019) for the outstanding contribution in the field of ResearchAuthor - Editor of Anthology 'Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines' 33 nonfiction stories from writers across the globe. Website: www.bhavkhemlani.com