Torsha (7.1)


Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 7, Number 1. May 2024. ISSN: 2581-7094

Dear Readers,


When request came to guest edit Teesta Journal, it was a pleasant surprise to me. And given to choose a theme, my mental energy focused on my favourite subject: Void.


Void -- even if it is a four-letter word -- is a subject quite tough to tackle.


In this issue, we trek on a journey through the myriad interpretations of the void. From the mundane to the celestial, our poets have delved into the void with courage and vulnerability, presenting us with an endless treasure trove of emotions and experiences.


Some poems reflect the everyday struggles of being devoid of hope, where the weight of existence bears down heavily upon the shoulders of the protagonist. And on the other end of the spectrum, we encounter poems that transcend the earthly realm, delving into the astral void where time and space lose their meaning. Here, the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, and the mind is allowed to wander freely among the stars.


And then, nestled between the lines, we find a prose poem -- that elusive creature defying classification and embracing the fluidity of language. Moreover, to give various dimensions to the issue, a book review of a book of poems pops up its timeless head as much as an article on a Bengali poet's idea of Void.


As we immerse ourselves in the pages of this issue, a warm 'thank you' to our valued contributors. Let us embrace the void in all its complexity, not to forget to revel in the beauty of its darkness and the promise of its light. For within the void, we find not only emptiness, but also the potential for infinite possibility. Because Void is capable to be defined in its vastness from a child to a man's mind.


Yours in poetry,


Bob DCosta


Guest Editor