Poem - 12 (5.2)

 Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 5, Number 2. November 2022. ISSN: 2581-7094

Diagram & Leaf

--- Aidan Coleman


at the wrong hour

the street turns out its pockets

kings or cowards will be

named. There’s ever

an argument to talk your way

down from, playing late on the radio.

A forgetful city is always becoming, making

how we arrive:

leaky packages, tricks

on paper, long afternoons

by sparkling water –

the theorem behind obsidian

and mirror.

(First published in The Weekend Australian, 18-9 July 2015)



                        --- Aidan Coleman 

Men’s heads pull them

through this suburb like fists,

their trolleys missed and lately collected.

Skin is not equipment

in this shaking off

of targets. Living is all

you digress for:


your heart tuned to the plane’s

engine, the slide of air

plateauing at speed,

in what seems certain, blank

and endless – the countenance

of our hostesses.


(First published in Island, no. 155, December 2018)


Interliminal Encounters: Indian and Australian writers in po(i)etic dialogue, eds Amelia Walker and Aden Burg