Poem -4 (5.2)

 Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 5, Number 2. November 2022. ISSN: 2581-7094 


--- Samantha Faulkner


Born into the world

Love everywhere, from everyone

All my Pamle[1] here

Kids need the best start in life.




--- Samantha Faulkner


My home away from home

This garden

Experiences all four seasons

And then some


Alien fruits I’m still trying to master

Unsuccessfully at times

A ripe fruit

I celebrate this season


My mind wanders to the north

Red hibiscus, fragrant frangipani

I miss you in winter

Surrounded by minus four


Yet joyful to see

Red tulips, delicate jonquils

Hayfever, a small price to pay

In my new home



                                 --- Samantha Faulkner

Golden wattle falls

On Aboriginal land

The Ancestors smile



Big Spenders

                                                --- Samantha Faulkner


“Which way?”

“Wannem, you make em[2]?”

Smiles, lips pursed

Eyebrows raised

So inquiring


“I gor town[3],” I reply

“You come too?” inviting

Fingers, hands, signalling

To join me


“Wa[4], alright then.”

“Wait pas[5], I get my shoe.”

“Kasa ger,[6]” I shout after a few minutes

“Hurry up, shop gonna[7] close at this rate.”


Finally we both set off

Deadly[8] as can be

To town, on Saturday

Watch out, big spenders are coming!



--- Samantha Faulkner


Ugamalis[9] sway

To the rhythm of the warup[10]

Kulups[11] shake, shake in unison

Everyone’s voices raised as one


Late at night

Kids still awake

Chasing cousins outside

Another cup of tea

“Gorn[12] why not?”

“We’re not in a hurry to leave.”


The night is dark

It’s time to play

The days celebrations continue

Lights are on, here and there

People stay

There’s more ceremony underway

[1] ‘Pamle’ is a Torres Strait Islander word for family. 

[2] What are you making?  What are you doing?

[3] I am going to town

[4] Yes

[5] Wait first

[6] Hurry up

[7] Is going to

[8] Aweseome

[9] Island dress

[10] A warup is an hourglass shaped drum.

[11] Hand shaker made up of a number of round shaped seed pods 

[12] Go on


Interliminal Encounters: Indian and Australian writers in po(i)etic dialogue, eds Amelia Walker and Aden Burg